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Once the On-line Adoption Forms are received we aim to compile a short list of the applicants that we feel are most suited to each pet .. this can sometimes take 7-10 days.

Only short listed applicants will be contacted to discuss their application further.

We aim to rehome an animal for life so we work very hard to ensure that we make a perfect match between the pet and the potential new owner.

We use many years of experience and strict adoption criteria to make this happen.

By supplying your Vets details you are giving 4Paws Animal Rescue authorisation to speak to your treating Vet Clinic regarding your past or present pets history.

Adoption Fee for for 4Paws Dogs and Pups are INDIVIDUALLY priced.

Some Senior Pets are priced at Managements Discretion.

* Vet Checked   * Microchipped   * Desexed   * C5 Vaccinated   * Wormed   * Heart Worm Test  (age applicable)

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Our Pet of the Week

I need a Foster Carer
Con and Pepper with Marilyn

Con and Pepper
We are Purebred

CON is a 1 year old tan male and PEPPER s a 2 year old black female .. they are 2 adorable young Chihuahuas .. they each weigh approximately 3 kilograms.

TCon and Pepper bond quickly with people after a little hesitancy to begin with and both love children .. as Con and Pepper are very tiny .. if children are involved they would be best suited to a home with children of at least school age.

Fully secure fencing with no gaps is a must .. they are not diggers and are very good watch dogs .. they were surrendered together and absolutely love each other so we are looking for a home where they can be together.

Con and Pepper are not at all aggressive but are very nervous around other dogs especially big dogs .. as they love human company .. they need someone who is home for at least part of the day.

But they can be easily left alone for a few hours as they keep each other company .. Con and Pepper do get up to mischief .. so I keep them in a contained area or a pen when I am not at home.

Pepper and Con

They are inside/outside dogs and are quite happy to sleep in their pen or a small room at night .. Con and Pepper have completed their toilet training and will now sit on command and come when called.

Con and Pepper will need continued obedience training but learn very quickly as they respond well to rewards .. they are not fussy eaters .. I feed them mainly dry food with a bit of chicken or high quality wet food.

Con is the more highly strung .. he is very active and just loves his toys and the game of fetch .. they both walk well on leads and look forward to daily walks.

They travel happily in a car in a cat cage .. if these two little cuties have caught your eye .. please apply online to 4 Paws.

Adoption Fee for the Pair:   $600.00

Holly is a very pretty, light apricot Poodle cross. She is 4 years old and weighs approx 5 kg. This little girl has personality plus, she is affectionate and cuddly and loves to snuggle into you. Holly would be suited to someone who is home a lot of the time so that she can be by your side. Holly is also very playful. She likes to play with her ball and toys and is capable of keeping herself entertained when you pop out. Holly is friendly with other dogs, is toilet trained and does not mind being bathed or groomed. Grooming is an essential part of her care due to her having a Poodle coat. Holly enjoys her daily walks and travels well in the car. Holly must be an inside dog with a bed beside yours. She also likes to sleep on your bed and once settled does not move all night. If you feel that Holly has touched your heart as she has touched her carers and you feel she would be that perfect addition to your family please apply online. Adoption fee $450.00


HOLLY is a 4 years old very pretty light apricot Poodle cross weighing approx: 5 kilograms who is just so adorable she has personality plus .

This little girl is just so affectionate and cuddly loves to snuggle into you if you want that perfect loving little lap dog who would be constantly by your side holly would be the perfect little girl .

Holly is very playfull likes to play ball and enjoys playing with her toys keeping herself entertained .. she is socialable with other dogs .. toilet trained .. does not mind being bathed or groomed .. enjoys her daily walks .. travels well in the car.

Holly must be an inside dog with a bed beside yours or ideally sleep next to you ..does not move all night .. the home that Holly is searching for is a warm caring permanent home where she will be very much envolved in the familys every day activities.

To shut Holly outside or kennel her would break her little heart .. she dotes on human companship .. if you feel that Holly has touched your heart as she has touched her carers and you feel she would be that perfect addition to your family please apply on line.

I need a Foster Carer


Jess is a cuddly male Mini Foxie 9 years of age .. he has came into 4 Paws care in the past week .. another shelter was unable to re-home or manage a possible medical condition .. at present he is under veterinary review and this may take a little time to definitively define.

Jess has won the hearts of all that has crossed his path .. all the staff at Nicklin Way Vet rave about how adorable he is .. unfortunately his photographs depicts how nervous he is around his new surroundings .. however his pictures do not show how affectionate and gorgeous he is.

He is an inside dog to be part of the family unit .. he is a small dog with short hair .. everyday grooming needs are next to nil .. Jess would require good boundary fencing to keep him safe during outside time.

Jess would love a bed beside yours at night or the very least a bed inside the home in another room .. 4 Paws are seeking applications for Jess that are able to keep him until we know if or what may be medically wrong with him.

Whilst it is noted he is under medical review we do not believe it is too serious .. it could mean lifelong medication and vet visits as required.

A successful applicant would be willing to keep him for as long as it takes to determine his outcome medically and or when he is adopted .. if this is determined by 4 Paws as a possibility or perhaps he may stay with you forever.

A person or couple with no children that are home a lot and or retired would be best suited for him .. you must have the ability to transport him to the Nicklin Way Vet Warana as required.

If you believe you can fill the required list that is needed for Jess please apply online to further the application.

I need a Foster Carer


MAX is a happy male Maltese Cross 6 years of age weighing approximately 6 kilograms.

Max was unclaimed at the pound and 4 Paws have taken him into their care to find him a new forever home.

He is a friendly little dog and loves human company .. he displays a friendly nature toward everyone who has attended to his recent care.

Max is only 6 years old and has outgrown all the puppy antics and would make a great addition to a family who want a dog with all the hard work done for them.

He is a breed that requires regular grooming and needs a new owner willing to keep him looking clean and trimmed when required.

Max is a little overweight and will could lose a few excess kilos .. he would love a regular daily walk for exercise and weight loss.

He is an inside dog and wants to be part of the family activities .. at night he would love a bed beside yours but will be happy with a bed in the laundry or other room within the home.

Max is a loyal little boy and wants a new owner to be his soul mate .. he does not look for the company of other dogs and needs to be re-homed as an only dog family.

Adoption Fee:   $425.00


Sweet Sophie

SOPHIE is an adorable female 6 year old Maltese Cross weighing 5 kilograms .. she has never had a stable family and home to call her own.

She has the most trusting and loving disposition who deserves such a small ask in life .. Sophie does need to gain a little weight as she is under weight.

Her 4 Paws carers have been providing her nutritious food .. lots of love and plenty of cuddles .. with all this attention before long and she will be perfect.

Sophie has a calm and placid nature .. not a mean bone in her body .. she is toilet trained .. playful and social around other dogs .. her coat will require regular grooming and she does not mind being bathed.

She will make a good all round family dog. Sophie displays a loyal and loving nature towards who is caring for her .. she enjoys the company of older children who will be kind to her as she is too them .. Sophie only knows and gives love so she must receive the same in return.

4 Paws .. her carers and especially Sophie is looking for her last forever home where she will be part of the family .. sshe is an inside dog and would love a bed beside yours at night.

Sophie is a clean dog and this type of care allows for her to live this way .. if you believe you have what Sophie is looking for please apply online to further your application.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00

About Marcelle and Monty
Marcelle and Monty
MARCELLE and MONTY are 2 sweet little 5 years old male Chihuahua Cross.

Marcelle and Monty are siblings and they love playing together.

Marcelle and Monty are great little guys that need a good home with an over load of love and kindness.

These boys will return to you a hundred fold for the love and security you give them.

Marcelle and Monty are only tiny lads .. they are a little shy and need to stay together.

Adoption Fee for the Pair:   $550

Luka and Lani

About Luka and Lani

LUKA is male and weighs 2.7 kilogram and LANI is female and weighs 3.3 kilogram Chihuahuas.

Luka and Lani are both 3 years of age and are Brother and Sister .. they have lived their whole lives together.

Whilst they are mirror image in looks they both have their own individual characters .. Luka is the quieter of the two .. Lani has quite an outgoing personality.

They BOTH can be a bit bossy and jealous at times so we would rather find a home with no other dogs so Luka and Lani do not have to share your affection.

They do get along with other dogs and older children however it is unknown how Luka and Lani feel about cats.

Luka will happily sit in your lap ALL DAY .. Lani is happy to do so as well however she also likes to get around the house and investigate her surroundings.

Luka does not like to jump up or down from the couch so he has to be given assistance when required .. Luka and Lani love to sleep with you and share the bed under your covers.

Neither particularly like water however bathing has not been a drama .. both eat well .. Luka loves chicken and mince .. Lani prefers her hard food.

Luka is very quiet and rarely barks .. however Lani is more vocal especially when left at home whilst you are out.

Luka and Lani

Their Foster Carer is working very hard on this and Lani is learning to be quieter .. Luka and Lani like to spend time outdoors for play and some sun.

Luka is good with his toileting and will go on the grass on command .. Lani is still learning with her Foster Carer and with patience and commitment this is something that should continue to improve once she is settled into her new home.

4 Paws is looking for a home where Luka and Lani can live TOGETHER FOREVER .. due to their tiny size your fencing must be very secure with no small gaps .. we also need to know that you have permission from Council to keep 2 dogs.

Adoption Fee for the Pair:   $550.00

I need a Foster Carer

All About Rusty
I am a Purebred

RUSTY is best suited to forever home with someone who is willing and able to devote time to exercise him daily and provide consistency with routine and training.

Rusty can experience fear in unknown situations or with unfamiliar people .. he owner must be willing to communicate to friends and family how to greet him appropriately so he is not frightened and reactive.

Rusty will do well in an environment where he has plenty of space .. he is best suited to a one dog home .. Rusty is not suitable for children.

When Rusty feels safe he is a very sweet .. loyal and playful boy .. he loves playing with soft toys and balls .. he enjoys walking at the beach when it is not busy with other people and dogs.

Rusty is a good eater and does well on a variety of food .. he has had some formal training and he knows a few commands very well.

Adoption Fee:   $375.00


JASPER is a tiny 5 years old male Pomeranian weighting approx: 2.6 kilograms.

He is a teeny little Prince .. but do not be fooled by his stature.

Jasper has a huge personality with many little quirks that make him very special.

He loves cuddles but he also likes quiet time.

Jasper will often take himself into a quiet corner and watch the household activities from afar.

He is not shy .. Jasper just has an independent spirit although saying this he would be best suited to a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time.

Jasper can be a little unsure of strangers and will bark at people that he does not know but soon warms to them after a pat.
Jasper is so tiny .. a home without small children who would be tempted to pick him up would be preferred.

He is a very good boy .. he comes when called and knows to sit before he gets his dinner .. he is house trained too.

Jasper eats his dinner of biscuits with very good manners and he also enjoys vegetables as a treat .. he likes to spend time in the garden sniffing and pottering around.

Jasper does not really like to walk on lead though so playtime in the garden or in an off leash dog park is needed rather than a long walk.

He does like to play with a squeaky ball .. Jasper is an indoor dog and he likes the company of other dogs.

Jasper has a beautiful double coat .. like all Pomeranians he requires regular combing to ensure that his fur does not become matted .. he enjoys being groomed so this should be part of his routine.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00

Studio Republic

Cheeky Carmello

Hi this is CARMELLO .. he is a SERIOUSLY CUTE 12 month old male Chihuahua Mix .. he was rescued from death row at the pound.

Carmello required surgery for a luxating patella (floating kneecap) on his right hind led .. the surgery is complete and Carmello has made a fantastic recovery.

He is still very much a puppy and wants to play all day long .. except for when he is eating .. sleeping and smooching.

Carmello loves other dogs .. particularly if they want to play .. he is a mostly an indoors dog though Carmello walks well on a lead and enjoys play in the yard.

He is small and only weighs approx: 3 kilograms .. so Carmello would definitely only be suited to a family with older children .. Carmello has the most amazing amount of love to give and his puppy antics are hilarious.

Adoption Fee:   $425

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