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Once the On-line Adoption Forms are received we aim to compile a short list of the applicants that we feel are most suited to each pet .. this can sometimes take 7-10 days.

Only short listed applicants will be contacted to discuss their application further.

We aim to rehome an animal for life so we work very hard to ensure that we make a perfect match between the pet and the potential new owner.

We use many years of experience and strict adoption criteria to make this happen.

By supplying your Vets details you are giving 4Paws Animal Rescue authorisation to speak to your treating Vet Clinic regarding your past or present pets history.

Adoption Fee for for 4Paws Dogs and Pups are INDIVIDUALLY priced.

Some Senior Pets are priced at Managements Discretion.

* Vet Checked   * Microchipped   * Desexed   * C5 Vaccinated   * Wormed   * Heart Worm Test  (age applicable)

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ROBBIE is a male Papillion cross Maltese .. he is 4 Years old and weighs approximately 3.4 kilograms.

He was rescued by 4 Paws from the pound .. he came into our care suffering from terrible abuse .. at present he displays vision issues and is under medical review due to possible eye cataracts that will be managed by 4 Paws.

Robbie is picture cute .. however he is need of a home that can provide him tender loving care .. he is very underweight and this needs to be rectified .. Robbie is very inquisitive and very good fencing to keep him in and safe is a essential requirement.

This little fellow is adorable to spend time with .. he is happy .. excitable and has not a aggressive bone in his body .. despite his lack of care in his previous home he has been totally unaffected in his personality.

As Robbie has been clipped due to a matted coat and fleas .. he will require a regular groom to keep him looking and feeling the way he should.

Robbie is an inside dog and needs a bed within the home and would love to be close to you at night.

He is still a young dog and needs to find his forever home that has a minimum 10 years commitment as it is not fair for Robbie if you cannot.

Robbie is all animal friendly .. he loves playing ball and will bring it back and drop it .. he found his way around his foster home in no time .. Robbie has to be in a home that does not move the furniture around.

To find out more about Robbie and or apply for his adoption all applications will ONLY be viewed online via our adoption application form.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00

I am a Purebred
BESSIE is a very friendly 7 year old female Cocker Spaniel with loads of love to give.

She is use to someone home a lot and would prefer that than an owner that worked.

Bessie is toilet trained and very clean .. whilst no one is home she is use to being left inside.

She uses a doggy door and will go in and out as required.

She is a little spoilt and is use to eating home cooked food and is a good eater and not food aggressive.

Bessie loves her companion so much she would love a bed beside yours at night.

She loves to walk and requires a regular daily walk for exercise.

Bessie likes going in the car and being out and about with you is another treat she looks forward to.

She travels good in the car and is very well behaved .. there is not an aggressive bone in her body.
Bessie is social around other dogs and has lived with older children .. she has good basic training and is able to sit .. stay .. wait and come when told.

She loves her ball and will fetch and run for her ball all day so she is given rationed time during her day for this play time.

This little girl is very affectionate and requires an owner who is the same .. Bessie loves company and needs to be part of the family and the daily living around the home.

An applicant who has had or an understanding of Cocker Spaniels will be highly considered .. if you can fill Bessies criteria for her new home and owner please go to our website and fill in an application to further your enquiry.

Adoption Fee:   $425.00


MARLEY is a 7 Years old female Maltese Cross .. she was in need of desperate help and 4 Paws have taken her into their care as her condition was appalling .. how anyone could leave such a dear pet to suffer.

Her pure neglect and abuse from what would have started as a simple flea and easy treatment was left to manifest into a bad skin disorder .. Marley was scratching and chewing to the point of despair that she was suffering from sore ears and eyes.

Marley now has a lot to be thankful for as she has found her way to 4 Paws .. Nicklin Way Vet and her very tender loving foster carers .. she now does not have to fend for herself and endure the cruelty that her past home left her to suffer on a daily basis.

Her foster carers are home a lot and are able to show Marley unconditional love .. endless care and are taking the time to bring her health up to date. Marley is on her way to recovering from her past ill treatment .. full attention is being given by all for this to happen.

As for all animals Marley does not hold any grudges toward humans despite her past treatment .. she has an endearing and loving nature .. Marley is social around other dogs .. travels well in the car and is toilet trained.

For now Marley is receiving a pampered lifestyle and will continue with treatment until recovery .. her new home would need love .. attention and cuddles.

She is an indoor dog and would love a bed beside yours at night .. she would require suitable fencing to keep her safe and a daily walk for exercise.

Her story has bought a tear to all our eyes especially her foster carers .. with all Marley has been through she deserves the best in life from now on and only applicants that can commit to her please apply.

She will only be considered for adoption on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland .. if her story has touched your heart as Marley has ours please apply on line to further your enquiry.

Adoption Fee:   $425.00


LADY is a 9 year old female Collie .. she has a wonderful nature and is social with other dogs and older children .. but would really love a home on her own to have all the love to herself for a change.

She had a tough life in the past but is now having a wonderful life with her carer and her family .. Lady loves the beach .. going for walks and life in general .. this girl needs a loving home of her own.

Adoption Fee:   $425.00


JEB is a small 18 month old male Tenterfield Terrier .. he has thankfully found his way to 4 Paws Animal Rescue .. Jeb has been placed in a foster home .. he is homeless through no fault of his own.

He is a handsome Tenterfield Terrier that is alert .. loving .. active .. hardy and agile .. his smooth short coat makes him an ideal family companion .. Jeb requires minimal grooming.

Jeb is a young dog and is still very much a puppy .. like all puppies he enjoys to play and have lots of activity around him .. he is easy to walk on a lead and he loves his regular daily walks .. at the end of a day Jeb loves to curl up on a lap and have a snooze.

He is toilet trained and does not bark often .. Jeb gets on well with everyone and is social around other dogs .. he has not met any cats and seems curious rather than aggressive with birds.

Jeb is an indoor/outdoor dog however he needs to sleep indoors at night .. he is a very loyal dog and at night would love a bed beside yours.

Jeb displays basic training .. he comes to his name and sits on command .. he is an intelligent dog who is motivated by food treats so he learns quickly and easily.

Jeb would fit into most home situations however his ideal adoptee would be an active person who would involve him in the family life .. he will need someone who can provide training .. exercise .. discipline and love.

Due to his approximate size of 6 kilogrems he would NOT be best suited to a family with very young children .. Jeb would enjoy a companion dog to keep him company and as he is still a puppy he would prefer to not be left for long hours during the day.

Adoption Fee:   $425.00



BUSTER is a male Pedigree Mini Pinscher .. he is 7 years old and weighs approximately 7 kilograms .. he is tall for a Min Pin.

Buster is an adorable affectionate little boy that is in need of his last forever home .. he is homeless not because of him but due to his last owner in a position of being unable to house him any longer.

He is loving and has a willingness to please .. Buster prefers to be an inside dog by night and would love a bed beside yours or in the comfort of another room in the home.

Buster is robust enough for outside time and loves to run around outside .. he can swim well but would love to be part of the family daily living around the home.

He is a very quiet dog and only briefly barks when he hears unfamiliar noises .. he will stop immediately when asked and shown what has sparked his attention. Buster is a clean dog inside the home and his coat and grooming requirements are minimal .. he does not beg for food whilst you eating at the table.

Buster is extremely enthusiastic about going for a car ride .. bounces all the way to the car .. but then sits nicely in the back seat watching out the car window.

Buster is also extremely enthusiastic about going for a walk .. bouncing all the way out the gate. He walks well on a lead but more socialisation and training on greeting other dogs when on lead is in progress with his new foster carer (he is overly enthusiastic about playing)..

Buster will chase cats and birds who fly past him .. but appropriate socialisation could address this enthusiasm .. he ignores other barking dogs and noises that would normally excite other dogs.

He has good obedience skills .. for example: can sit .. stay .. shake hands .. sits for doors/gates and goes to his bed when asked .. if he is unsure of something he does sit back and watch from a distance until he feels secure.

Buster would love 4 Paws to find his last owner that wants all the above attributes he can bring to your home .. along with all the love he can give he needs the same in return.

He needs a safe and secure home and yard .. Buster would love someone who would walk him daily and take him out in the car when they can.. if you believe you are the person Buster would love please apply online to further your application.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00

Sophies Adoption is on hold at present due to medical issue

Sweet Sophie

SOPHIE is an adorable female 6 year old Maltese Cross weighing 5 kilograms .. she has never had a stable family and home to call her own.

She has the most trusting and loving disposition who deserves such a small ask in life .. Sophie does need to gain a little weight as she is under weight.

Her 4 Paws carers have been providing her nutritious food .. lots of love and plenty of cuddles .. with all this attention before long and she will be perfect.

Sophie has a calm and placid nature .. not a mean bone in her body .. she is toilet trained .. playful and social around other dogs .. her coat will require regular grooming and she does not mind being bathed.

She will make a good all round family dog. Sophie displays a loyal and loving nature towards who is caring for her .. she enjoys the company of older children who will be kind to her as she is too them .. Sophie only knows and gives love so she must receive the same in return.

4 Paws .. her carers and especially Sophie is looking for her last forever home where she will be part of the family .. she is an inside dog and would love a bed beside yours at night.

Sophie is a clean dog and this type of care allows for her to live this way .. if you believe you have what Sophie is looking for please apply online to further your application.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00

About Marcelle and Monty
Marcelle and Monty
MARCELLE and MONTY are 2 sweet little 5 years old male Chihuahua Cross.

Marcelle and Monty are siblings and they love playing together.

Marcelle and Monty are great little guys that need a good home with an over load of love and kindness.

These boys will return to you a hundred fold for the love and security you give them.

Marcelle and Monty are only tiny lads .. they are a little shy and need to stay together.

Adoption Fee for the Pair:   $550

Luka and Lani

About Luka and Lani

LUKA is male and weighs 2.7 kilogram and LANI is female and weighs 3.3 kilogram Chihuahuas.

Luka and Lani are both 3 years of age and are Brother and Sister .. they have lived their whole lives together.

Whilst they are mirror image in looks they both have their own individual characters .. Luka is the quieter of the two .. Lani has quite an outgoing personality.

They BOTH can be a bit bossy and jealous at times so we would rather find a home with no other dogs so Luka and Lani do not have to share your affection.

They do get along with other dogs and older children however it is unknown how Luka and Lani feel about cats.

Luka will happily sit in your lap ALL DAY .. Lani is happy to do so as well however she also likes to get around the house and investigate her surroundings.

Luka does not like to jump up or down from the couch so he has to be given assistance when required .. Luka and Lani love to sleep with you and share the bed under your covers.

Neither particularly like water however bathing has not been a drama .. both eat well .. Luka loves chicken and mince .. Lani prefers her hard food.

Luka is very quiet and rarely barks .. however Lani is more vocal especially when left at home whilst you are out.

Luka and Lani

Their Foster Carer is working very hard on this and Lani is learning to be quieter .. Luka and Lani like to spend time outdoors for play and some sun.

Luka is good with his toileting and will go on the grass on command .. Lani is still learning with her Foster Carer and with patience and commitment this is something that should continue to improve once she is settled into her new home.

4 Paws is looking for a home where Luka and Lani can live TOGETHER FOREVER .. due to their tiny size your fencing must be very secure with no small gaps .. we also need to know that you have permission from Council to keep 2 dogs.

Adoption Fee for the Pair:   $550.00

I need a Foster Carer

All About Rusty
I am a Purebred

RUSTY is best suited to forever home with someone who is willing and able to devote time to exercise him daily and provide consistency with routine and training.

His owner must be willing to communicate to friends and family how to greet him appropriately so Rusty is not frightened and reactive.

Rusty will do well in an environment where he has plenty of space .. he enjoys playing with other dogs but is best suited to a one dog home.

He has had a bad experience with young children .. so for Rusty sake NO children please .. gentle playful older teenagers are great.

When Rusty feels safe he is a very sweet .. loyal and playful boy .. he loves playing with soft toys and balls .. he enjoys walking at the beach when it is not busy with other people and dogs.

Rusty is a good eater and does well on a variety of food .. he has had some formal training and he knows a few commands very well.

He is now living with other dogs and is quite contented .. exercise and stability is the answer to all Rustys fears and anxieties.

Rustys dream home is a mate that jogs and swims .. might even take him to work on the ute .. a loyalier buddy you will never find.

Adoption Fee:   $375.00


JASPER is a tiny 5 years old male Pomeranian weighting approx: 2.6 kilograms.

He is a teeny little Prince .. but do not be fooled by his stature.

Jasper has a huge personality with many little quirks that make him very special.

He loves cuddles but he also likes quiet time.

Jasper will often take himself into a quiet corner and watch the household activities from afar.

He is not shy .. Jasper just has an independent spirit although saying this he would be best suited to a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time.

Jasper can be a little unsure of strangers and will bark at people that he does not know but soon warms to them after a pat.
Jasper is so tiny .. a home without small children who would be tempted to pick him up would be preferred.

He is a very good boy .. he comes when called and knows to sit before he gets his dinner .. he is house trained too.

Jasper eats his dinner of biscuits with very good manners and he also enjoys vegetables as a treat .. he likes to spend time in the garden sniffing and pottering around.

Jasper does not really like to walk on lead though so playtime in the garden or in an off leash dog park is needed rather than a long walk.

He does like to play with a squeaky ball .. Jasper is an indoor dog and he likes the company of other dogs.

Jasper has a beautiful double coat .. like all Pomeranians he requires regular combing to ensure that his fur does not become matted .. he enjoys being groomed so this should be part of his routine.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00

Studio Republic

Cheeky Carmello

Hi this is CARMELLO .. he is a SERIOUSLY CUTE 12 month old male Chihuahua Mix .. he was rescued from death row at the pound.

Carmello required surgery for a luxating patella (floating kneecap) on his right hind led .. the surgery is complete and Carmello has made a fantastic recovery.

He is still very much a puppy and wants to play all day long .. except for when he is eating .. sleeping and smooching.

Carmello loves other dogs .. particularly if they want to play .. he is a mostly an indoors dog though Carmello walks well on a lead and enjoys play in the yard.

He is small and only weighs approx: 3 kilograms .. so Carmello would definitely only be suited to a family with older children .. Carmello has the most amazing amount of love to give and his puppy antics are hilarious.

Adoption Fee:   $425

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