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Once the On-line Adoption Forms are received we aim to compile a short list of the applicants that we feel are most suited to each pet .. this can sometimes take 7-10 days.

Only short listed applicants will be contacted to discuss their application further.

We aim to rehome an animal for life so we work very hard to ensure that we make a perfect match between the pet and the potential new owner.

We use many years of experience and strict adoption criteria to make this happen.

By supplying your Vets details you are giving 4Paws Animal Rescue authorisation to speak to your treating Vet Clinic regarding your past or present pets history.

Adoption Fee for for 4Paws Dogs and Puppies are INDIVIDUALLY priced.

Some Senior Pets are priced at Managements Discretion.

All 4 Paws Dogs are Desexed .. Microchipped .. Flea and Worm Free and had their 1st Vaccination.

(Age is Applicable for Desexing Puppies .. Desexing is included in Adoption Fee .. Appointment must be kept!)


Adoption Fee for for all Dogs and Puppies are priced from  $375 each.

Some Senior Pets are priced at Managementís Discretion.

Adoption Fees ONLY cover the basic veterinary procedures as listed below;

4 Paws Rescue Dogs are all

* Vet Checked
* Microchipped
* Desexed
* C5 Vaccinated
* Wormed
* Heart Worm Test
(age applicable)

If the puppy is too young to be desexed .. the appointment is made by 4 Paws Rescue Management and paid for before you leave with your new pet .. this is included in the adoption fee.

Please be Warned

You must keep the appointment and desex your puppy on the due appointed time or action will be taken by 4 Paws Rescue Management.

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Our Pet of the Week

Permanent Home or Foster Home


POLLY is a very sweet 1 year old female Maltese Cross .. she has been surrendered through no fault of her own.

Her owner was unable to keep her any longer due to personal issues .. the owner said Polly is toilet trained .. good with kids and can live with cats.

Polly will also require a dedicated owner that can keep her groomed and clipped .. suitable fencing to keep her safe in the yard. Also teach her basic obedience which should not be hard as she is willing to please.

She is an inside dog and would love a bed beside yours at night or would sleep with you if allowed .. Polly needs to be part of the family and be allowed in the home with everyone.

Polly is very loving and has a soft nature .. she will require an owner who is willing to treat her in the same manner.

The little girl is still a young dog with puppy energy so daily walks would benefit her .. she needs an owner with many years to devote as it would not be fair for her to be homeless again.

If you can give what Polly needs please apply online to further your enquiry.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00

Permanent Home or Foster Home


WILBUR is an adorable 5 month old male Cocker Spaniel Cross .. he has been surrendered through no fault of his own.

His owner was unable to keep him any longer due to family issues .. the owner said Wilbur is toilet trained .. good with kids and can live with cats.

Wilbur will also require regular brushing and grooming .. suitable fencing to keep him safe in the yard. Basic obedience training will be required as he is still a puppy.

He is an inside dog and would love a bed beside yours at night or would sleep with you if allowed .. he needs to be part of the family and be allowed in the home with everyone.

Wilbur is loving friendly and has a gorgeous nature .. an owner who would love to have a dog to cuddle makes Wilbur the perfect choice.

This puppy has plenty of energy so daily walks would benefit him .. he needs an owner with many years to devote as it would not be fair for him to be homeless again.

If you can give what Wilbur needs please apply online to further your enquiry.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00

Permanent Home or Foster Home

I am a Purebred

MAISY is a 10 year old female Purebred Collie weighing approximately 25 kilograms .. due to health issues her owner sadly has to surrender Maisy to be re-homed.

Maisys story As told by her owner:

She has been an outside dog but is very clean whilst indoors .. Maisy is very quiet and obedient .. she loves everyone including children and cats .. she loves to walk and be exercised.

Maisy is loving in natured .. a loyal companion .. friendly to all and would love her new owner to give her the same in return .. Maisy requires consistent grooming and the occasional clip to keep her cool in summer.

As Maisy is getting older a home that can provide a warm .. dry and clean sleeping area is required .. however if your home can have her inside at night especially during these cold winter nights Maisy would be forever grateful.

4 Paws are inviting applications for her adoption and if you have the heart and home for Maisy please apply online to further your enquiry.

Adoption Fee:   $350.00

Permanent Home or Foster Home


BATMAN is a 6 year old male Fox Terrier Cross Chihuahua weighing approximately 4 kilograms.

He has been a well loved family pet .. his owner is unable to keep him as they are incapable to find rental accommodation that will allow him to live with them .. Batman is a regrettable surrender.

Batman is a lively character that loves everyone .. his temperament is happy .. friendly and loving ..he is happy to run and play in the yard during the day.

This little fellow has great attributes that many family homes would be looking for Batman is toilet trained .. loves to walk on a lead, is a quiet dog who does not a bark for no reason and does not dig.

Batman is other dog social .. cats are OK and loves kids .. he does not like being tied up or left indoors alone when you are out.

When you're not home he would rather be left outside to wander and enjoy the daylight hours .. small dog fencing is required to keep him safe.

He is an inside dog when you are home and at night .. he is use to sleeping in his own bed beside his owner and sleeps all night .. Batman is not a fan of dog food, home cooked food is his preference.

Batman will make a great pet for the right family .. if you are looking for a dog like Batman please apply online to further your application.

Adoption Fee:   $425.00



BOSWELL is a 3 year old male Fox Terrier Cross .. he is in a situation of not being able to be kept by his owner any longer.

She has owned him since a puppy of 6 weeks and he now needs to find a new forever home .. Boswell prefers to not live with children and as his owner now has grandchildren around the home he has been found to be intolerant of them at times.

His owner cares for him and where he is re-homed and 4 Paws have offered to try and help her with applications for adoption.

Boswell is a typical energetic Foxie Cross who does have a lot to offer his new owner. He needs a dedicated person who is looking for a companion for company.

He requires a childless home with adult company around only Boswell would love a new owner that has the time to spend with him for obedience training.

Boswell would love daily walks to keep him happy and exercised .. he has been an outside pet for all his life but with patience he could be toilet trained to come inside.

Boswell is a short hair dog and requires very little grooming and is easy to keep clean. Suitable fencing will be required to keep him safe.

Boswell is a charming fellow and if you think you have the time .. dedication and you are looking for a mate please phone 0438 635 191 to speak with a 4 Paws volunteer.

Adoption Fee:   $0.00

Molly and Charlie

Molly and Charlie
We are Purebred

MOLLY is a 9 year old female Shih-Tzu and CHARLIE is a 7 year old male Shih-Tzu .. their owner reluctantly had to surrender her dear pets as she cannot find pet friendly accommodation to rent and live in.

This is a sad situation where owners of pets who rent have to deal with one rental agreement then another .. both pets have been rescued pets previous and have been through this before.

Their previous owner who saved them from having no home in the past has spoilt and loved them dearly for over 6 years .. finding a home like Molly and Charlie have left behind is essential for 4 Paws and their previous owner.

Molly and Charlie are the best of friends and would love to find a home together .. they are happy and friendly little dogs .. although were very spoilt with love and affection.

By the photos you can see the cheeky side to Charlie as he loves the attention but Molly is not so happy to be photographed but is just as adorable once you know her.

These little dogs require a home that they are allowed inside and bed beside yours at night .. secure fencing for outside play and toileting .. Molly loves her daily social walk but Charlie loves to walk much further for exercise and socialising.

Grooming will be required as they are clipped to keep them clean and comfortable .. Molly and Charlie have been exposed to young children and do not mind them .. but do not like cats.

Molly and Charlie are not a fan of wet dog food either as their previous owner cooked them up food from her kitchen however they will nibble on dry hard food.

As these 2 dear little dogs are not strangers to being homeless but now know what it is to live in a loving home 4 Paws must seek an application to secure their last forever home.

If your home and heart can provide this lovely pair their last place to live and you can fill the requirements 4 Paws are looking for please apply online to further your enquiry.

Adoption Fee:   $500.00

Permanent Home or Foster Home

All About Rusty
I am a Purebred

RUSTY is best suited to forever home with someone who is willing and able to devote time to exercise him daily and provide consistency with routine and training.

Rusty can experience fear in unknown situations or with unfamiliar people .. he owner must be willing to communicate to friends and family how to greet him appropriately so he is not frightened and reactive.

Rusty will do well in an environment where he has plenty of space .. he is best suited to a one dog home .. Rusty is not suitable for children.

When Rusty feels safe he is a very sweet .. loyal and playful boy .. he loves playing with soft toys and balls .. he enjoys walking at the beach when it is not busy with other people and dogs.

Rusty is a good eater and does well on a variety of food .. he has had some formal training and he knows a few commands very well.

Adoption Fee:   $375.00

Valeries Story

told by her lovely foster family


Permanent Home or Foster Home

VALERIE is a 4 years old female weighing 5.5 kilograms Terrier Mix .. she has lit up our household with her excitable personality and affectionate charm.

Valerie loves nothing more than a warm snuggle and a game of fetch in the yard .. the prospect of a car ride makes her so excited that she will try everything in her power to score a seat by an open window.

Val adores human company and will follow you with doting reverence .. because of her big heart .. Val tends to become anxious .. worrying about the people she loves .. but with a comforting pat and a reassuring word she is great.

She realises everything is going to be OK .. Val is toilet trained and an excellent watch dog despite her diminutive size .. Valerie is a VERY independent female at the age of four years old .. preferring the company of humans to dogs.

Valerie is compassionate around kids and loves to share a kiss to the face .. she is a little dog with a humungous heart .. Valerie is waiting for a forever home to nurture her little quirks and adore her big soul.

Adoption Fee:   $425.00

I am a Senior Citizen

Permanent Home or Foster Home

MUFFIN is a 12 year old male Poodle Cross.

Muffin is a real gentleman .. he is calm and quiet and likes a the finer things in life.

He is an indoor dog that will settle well into a family with no small children.

He is visually impaired and slightly deaf so a calm household would suit him best.

Muffin likes a daily walk and is happy to potter around the house and garden .. he also likes a bed in a sunny spot to relax on.

He deserves a loving home for the remainder of his retirement years .. Muffin will make a lovely companion.

Muffin is friendly with other calm small dogs and happy to meet new people.

As he is in his retirement years 4 Paws have decided to make Muffin a 4 Paws Permanent Resident and are searching for a Permanent Foster Carer to look after him.

Permanent Foster Carers provide all the love and care for the animals along with food, flea and worm treatments and 4 Paws takes care of all other veterinary expenses.

Permanent Home or Foster Home

Con and Pepper
We are Purebred
CON is a 2.8 kilogram 1 year old female tan Chihuahua and PEPPER is a 2.8 kilogram 1 year old male black Chihuahua.

They are a sweet little pair that were surrendered together by their owner .. they are relying on each other at present as Con and Pepper are very nervous about their new environment.

They both are very tiny .. uneasy and unsure of what is happening .. Con and Pepper are very friendly and not aggressive at all .. you can hold and nurse them to keep them feeling secure.

They are quite loving when you get them close to you .. we believe in a short amount of time they will find their confidence with who has them.

Con and Pepper both require more basic obedience training and continued toilet training .. Peppers toilet training is the best but Con is still in need of further and consistent monitored outdoor time to help him .. they will play with their toys and keep each other company.

They are inside dogs ONLY both day and night but need a secure yard for outdoor time .. fencing requirements for little dogs needs to be fully secure with NO gaps.

A bed beside yours at night would be preferable .. but if not a warm room in the house is required .. social walks daily would be a benefit to them as Con and Pepper are young dogs with a lot of energy.

They would love someone home a lot or part time as they love human company .. Con and Pepper have been around children but prefer children over 5 years of age.

If these 2 little cuties have caught your eye you can apply on-line to 4 Paws to further your application enquiry.

Adoption Fee for the Pair:   $600.00


I am a Purebred

MARSHIE (Marshmallow) is a very handsome 2 year old male Chihuahua .. he weighs approx: 3.6 kilograms .. Wow .. he is soooo cute.

This darling fellow was surrendered to 4 Paws and is now a little confused and unsure of what is happening .. Marshie needs a kind loving person that will give him lots of cuddles and attention and reassure him that his life will continue to be happy and that he will be safe.

You need to approach Marshie slowly and calmly or he will become frightened .. being so tiny Marshie finds the big world a little scary.
However we are sure that with patience and love he will regain his confidence .. Marshie is sociable with other dogs .. he likes to play with them and also likes small toys

His coat is low maintenance .. Marshie just requires regular brushing keep him knot free.

Her occasional bathing will keep her fur looking great .. we use the blow dryer if the weather is cold.

Little Marshie is toilet trained and is an inside dog.

He thrives on human company and once he knows you he will come over to cuddle up.

Marshie would be quite happy to spend the whole day curled up on your lap .

Adoption Fee:   $425.00

I am a Senior Citizen
I would love to live in Permanent Care

I am a Purebred

SIGGIE is a very handsome 13 year old male Shih-Tzu .. he is packed and ready for adoption .. the story of this poor little dog is very sad .. Siggie was surrendered to 4 Paws in an appalling condition.

Siggie had hardened faeces around his swollen bottom .. his bottom area was bleeding ..Siggie had flea dirt all over his fur .. his fur was badly knotted and his under his belly were scabs entangled in his hair .. his nails were very long and his dew claws are spiralling around in a circle.

Siggie also has rotting broken twisted teeth .. he was not desexed .. he has a heart murmur badly swollen bottom .. it must have been so hard for him to even eat let alone walk or sit without his knots pulling and him being in pain.


Our experienced foster carer was brought to tears when she saw his condition .. Siggie needed two baths to get him clean, he was putrid .. thank goodness for our fabulous volunteer carers who spent 3 hours bathing him .. cutting very huge knots on his stomach and groin area .. legs and feet and clipping him.

This darling little man has endured such a huge experience today but never once complained .. animals are defenceless and so trusting .. they cannot fend for themselves .. their fate is completely and utterly in in human hands.

If this story of darling little Siggie touches your heart and you want to help him on his way to recovery any assistance and support would be greatly appreciated and All Donations are Tax Deductible.

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I am a Purebred

SAMBA is a 7 year old male Black Pug.


I am a Purebred

PADMA is a 2 year old female Fawn Pug.

Padma and Samba

Padma and Samba

Both these dogs are in desperate need for a forever home .. sadly Padma and Sambas owner had to surrender them due to not finding a pet friendly rental .. this is a common problem here on the coast.

Pugs need owners that understand the breed or are willing to familiarize yourself about their specific needs.

Pugs are Brachycephalic .. have pushed in faces .. so they require special care and consideration.

The short face means shorter airways making Pugs very inefficient at panting .. a dogs only cooling mechanism.

Because of this they are more prone to overheating and Pugs are NOT outdoor dogs and need to be kept cool and have breaks between exercise .. Pugs are NOT athletic animals.

These Pugs are delightful .. friendly .. happy and good with children and other dogs .. Pugs love companionship so being part of the family is a must .. they really have a delightful loving nature.

If you feel you could offer these adorable dogs the right home and are able to make the commitment that your home will be their last forever home please apply on-line to further you application.

Adoption Fee for Padma and Samba as a Pair:   $700.00


JASPER is a tiny 5 years old male Pomeranian weighting approx: 2.6 kilograms.

He is a teeny little Prince .. but do not be fooled by his stature.

Jasper has a huge personality with many little quirks that make him very special.

He loves cuddles but he also likes quiet time.

Jasper will often take himself into a quiet corner and watch the household activities from afar.

He is not shy .. Jasper just has an independent spirit although saying this he would be best suited to a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time.

Jasper can be a little unsure of strangers and will bark at people that he does not know but soon warms to them after a pat.
Jasper is so tiny .. a home without small children who would be tempted to pick him up would be preferred.

He is a very good boy .. he comes when called and knows to sit before he gets his dinner .. he is house trained too.

Jasper eats his dinner of biscuits with very good manners and he also enjoys vegetables as a treat .. he likes to spend time in the garden sniffing and pottering around.

Jasper does not really like to walk on lead though so playtime in the garden or in an off leash dog park is needed rather than a long walk.

He does like to play with a squeaky ball .. Jasper is an indoor dog and he likes the company of other dogs.

Jasper has a beautiful double coat .. like all Pomeranians he requires regular combing to ensure that his fur does not become matted .. he enjoys being groomed so this should be part of his routine.

Adoption Fee:   $450.00


Teeny Rikki
I am a Purebred

RIKKI is a precious 3 year old male Chihuahua weighing 2 kilograms .. family circumstance has forced his surrender .. thankfully he was entrusted to 4 Paws to find the right home for him.

Rikki is a friendly little fellow who loves everyone including older GENTLE children .. he is best suited to an ONLY dog family as he does not look for the company of other dogs.

Rikki is very tiny and requires the best dog proof fencing .. he has been known to escape if the opportunity arose .. NO gaps allowed that he could fit through.

He walks well on a lead and enjoys a play in the yard .. he is toilet trained and loves indoors and must be with you or inside at all times .. Rikki has a great appetite and eats wet and dry food.

Rikki displays basic training skills and will come when called .. he is nervous around strange surroundings and needs to his owner to be with him in such circumstances for comfort .. he is not a barker but will give a growl if feels insecure.


He is affectionate and loves being kissed and cuddled .. his tail wags constantly when feeling safe and happy .. he loves sleeping on the bed with you .. he does not take up much room .. Rikki loves the comfort of his toys.

4 Paws is looking for a special home for Rikki .. we would prefer someone with vet references of previous ownership of a small dog similar to him.

As Rikki has never been left for long periods of time during the day someone home a lot would be perfect.

If you have any questions about a 4 Paws pet or would like to be considered as an adoptive family please complete the Adoption Application on-line and a coordinator will contact you.

Adoption Fee:   $425.00

Studio Republic

Cheeky Carmello

Hi this is CARMELLO .. he is a SERIOUSLY CUTE 12 month old male Chihuahua Mix .. he was rescued from death row at the pound.

Carmello required surgery for a luxating patella (floating kneecap) on his right hind led .. the surgery is complete and Carmello has made a fantastic recovery.

He is still very much a puppy and wants to play all day long .. except for when he is eating .. sleeping and smooching.

Carmello loves other dogs .. particularly if they want to play .. he is a mostly an indoors dog though Carmello walks well on a lead and enjoys play in the yard.

He is small and only weighs approx: 3 kilograms .. so Carmello would definitely only be suited to a family with older children .. Carmello has the most amazing amount of love to give and his puppy antics are hilarious.

Adoption Fee:   $425

About Marcelle and Monty
Marcelle and Monty
MARCELLE and MONTY are 2 sweet little 5 years old male Chihuahua Cross.

Marcelle and Monty are siblings and they love playing together.

Marcelle and Monty are great little guys that need a good home with an over load of love and kindness.

These boys will return to you a hundred fold for the love and security you give them.

Marcelle and Monty are only tiny lads .. they are a little shy and need to stay together.

Adoption Fee for the Pair:   $550


About Mushi and Angel
Mushi and Angel
Studio Republic

About Mushi
I am a Senior Citizen

MUSHI is a 7 year old female Chihuahua Cross with the most loving and adorable nature .. such a pretty little girl and her temperament is so adorable.

She is what you would call a perfect pet .. happy to lay around and just chill out or snuggle up next to you on your lap or beside you or on her bed .. Mushi is not a barker and she is so placid and gentle .. she is a delight to walk and is toilet trained.

About Angel

Permanent Foster Care needed for little Angel

Sunshine Coast applicants ONLY!
I am a Senior Citizen

Mushi has her grandmother ANGEL who is 16 years old that she absolutely adores who we would love these two darlings to stay together.

So we would like whoever opens up their hearts to adopt Mushi would also care for Angel as she is reliant on her granddaughter .. 4 Paws will pay all vet bills for Angel and ongoing costs while she is in your care .

So if you took it into your heart to offer these delightful little pair a permanent loving home of their very own you would be showered with love and devotion

If you feel you could offer Mushi and Angel lots of unconditional love please apply on line.

Adoption Fee for the Pair:   $425



MEG is a 6-7 year old female Shepherd cross Kelpie .. her owner has passed away and there are no family members that can care for her.

Her owner adopted her from someone who mistreated her .. Meg has changed into a very loving dog who gets very excited when you come home .. she loves a walk and obeys commands .. Meg also loves her food and is a little overweight.

Meg is an outside dog but likes to be inside when there is a thunderstorm .. she frets quite a bit with thunder but if she is inside with you she is more settled.

She would be suited to most people but not small children as Meg has never been around them and also because of her mistreatment we could not foresee what she would do if they pulled her tail etc.

Her previous owner used to spin her around by the tail .. it took a while for her to trust anyone stroking anywhere near that area but she is fine now .. Meg deserves a loving family that give her all the care she needs.

Adoption Fee is a Donation to 4 Paws Animal Rescue

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